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types of mode in qbasic

Types of Mode in Qbasic Programming

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When we load a QBasic program into our computer memory, it displays ok in the prompt. Ok means that it’s ready to accept commands from the user to run the program. QBasic translate your instructions into two modes:

1. Direct Mode

2. Program Mode

These modes are the two output modes of Qbasic programming.

Direct Mode: In Direct Mode it accepts a single line of instruction from the user and it displays the output immediately on the screen without storing it in its memory. It can be used for quick calculations and they do not have any line number.

Example :


PRINT “Direct mode”

Program Mode: In Program mode, instructions are stored in the Computer memory and it accepts multiple lines of instructions. They have Line numbers and we need to use the RUN command to display the output.

Example :

10 PRINT 1+2

20 END


Programs are written with the help of in-built commands. The types of mode in QBasic are how the compiler executes the commands. Every programming language has its own commands and rules(syntax) of writing a program. To learn more about commands and statement check QBasic Commands and Statements-2020

Difference between Direct Mode and Program Mode 

1. Accepts only a single line of instruction.1. Accepts only a multiple line of instruction.
2. It doesn’t have any line number.2. It has line numbers
3. The instructions are not stored in the computer memory.3. The instructions are stored in the computer memory
4. Shows the output immediately when you press Enter.4. We need to give the RUN command in order to display the output on the screen.
5. Example:
PRINT 1 + 2
Example :
10 PRINT 1+ 2
20 END
Types of modes in qbasic

FAQ about types of mode in QBasic

What are the different output modes of Qbasic?

There are two types of output modes in QBasic. They are Direct Mode and Program Mode.

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