Download and Install QBASIC for Windows 7,8 and Windows 10

Download Qbasic for Windows 7,8 and Windows 10

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QBaisc is free to download software, you can download Qbasic for free and use it in your Windows Machine. You can easily get the Qbasic software from the link below and run it without any issues in Windows Xp (32bit & 64bit) or with any other older version of the Windows Operating System.

However, QBasic and QuickBasic software cannot be installed on a present-day operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 directly. However, there are two ways by which we can download QBASIC and run the software on windows.

if you wanna learn about a Basic of QBasic Programming language, you can read, QBASIC Programming – Beginner’s Friendly

The two ways to download qbasic 4.5 in your windows 7,8 and 10 machines. They are:

  1. To download is by using VM, which stands for Virtual Machine and
  2. By using a DOS Emulator.

What is a Virtual Machine?

A Virtual Machine (VM) acts as a guest within an operating system, called a host. A virtual machine is like software computers that can act like an operating system itself. It provides all the functionality that you will get on a physical computer. But it is actually some files or disk images that run Escort Paris on a physical computer and acts at a real system. You can install any operating system like any version of windows, Linux or Mac. It creates a separate operating system within your own operating system.

Why do we need Virtual Machine here?

We need a Virtual machine to install an operating system, here DOS v6.2. It will provide the guest system to run QBASIC in our own machine, the host. It will help to download qbasic and use it on our windows OS.

What is a DOS Emulator?

MS-DOS is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It was used in x86-based personal computers. The full form of MS-DOS is Micro Soft Disk Operating System.

Now a DOS Emulator is a software program that supports only a single operating system. It emulates an IBM PC that operates on DOS operating system. The advantage of using is that it can be run on old outdated hardware too. Many old graphics card and sound cards can be emulated with the help Escort Besancon of a DOS Emulator. The full-screen display mode and mounting external drives have been implemented flawlessly in the Emulator. You just have to install the DOS Emulator software in your present Operating system and being your QBASIC programming journey

Which one to choose now?

Well looking at the advantages of both the solutions, it is preferable to use the DOS Emulator for QBasic programming. However, if you want to run and enjoy using QBasic 4.5 in its original environment, or use DOS v6.22 and its features and function then Virtual Machine would be your right choice.

How to download QBASIC in windows 7,8 and Windows 10?

After doing the above comparison we already know the preferred / best method to use QBasic in windows, which is using DOS Emulation. So follow the steps to download and install QBasic 4.5 in windows 7 and windows 10.

Using DOS Emulator:

Step 1: First we have the download DOSBox and BASIC 2 DOSBox (it download qbasic 4.5) for windows. You can get it by using the download link given below.

Step 2: Important! Now install DOSBox first on your computer. It should be installed first before proceeding with other steps. And then Unzip the BASIC 2 using WinRAR or WinZip.

Step 3: Now go to the uncompressed folder of the eg folder BASIC 2 DOS folder and click on the executable icon, here basic2dos.exe.

Step 4: Now here is the installation part of the program. Double click it. Click Yes if it asks for permission.

Than in Path to DOSBox Executable, navigate to the directory/ folder where you have to install your DOSBox. It’s usually C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74-3 and select DOSBox.exe.

download qbasic in windows 7

Next, in Path to BASIC Destination Folder, navigation and select the directory/ folder where you want to install the Qbasic program. Here I have chosen E:\QBASIC.

download qbasic in windows 10

In Installation Box, check the version of Qbasic which you want to install. Here we will download and install QBasic 4.5.

And check the Options as shown below:

Shut down DOSBox when exiting: If selected, DOSBox will be terminated after exiting QuickBasic respectively any other application.

Full-Screen Mode: If checked, DOSBox will be launched in full-screen mode.

Copy Example Files: This will copy seven sample programs to _source\EXAMPLES.


qbasic free download

Step 5: Click Next and then click Yes.

After installation, just visit your folder, here E:\QBASIC, there you will find some folders go-to _shortcut folder and click qb45.exe. Your QBASIC (qb45) program will open and you are ready to code.

qbasic download

Using VMWare to download and install QBASIC:

Now if you want to use the QBasic Program in its original environment (Dos v6.2) with all its functionalities then you can use a VMware and the OS MS-DOS 6.22. This process will work in all windows OS (32bit and also in 64bit) such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Since QBASIC is free to download, all you need is some software to run in any Windows version.

Before proceeding we need to download to software:

  1. Download VM Player.
  2. Download MS-DOS 6.22 (This package have pre-installed QBasic 1.1 and QuickBasic 4.5)

Step 1: Once downloaded, install your VMWare in your system.

Step 2: Now extract the MS-DOS 6.22 zip file in any director/folder.

Step 3: Once done extracting the MS-DOS folder will contain some files.

Step 4: Now all you have to do is to open your VMWare software and follow the simple steps below:

In VMWare windows you will find some option on the right panel.

Click Open a Virtual Machine, then navigate to the folder where you have extracted your MS-DOS 6.22 file.

There you will find a file named MS-DOS.vmx, select the file and click open.

download qbasic

It will ask whether to copied or moved, select moved (IMPORTANT). Once done your DOS Virtual Machine will boot up and you will see a command prompt area. Just type “qbasic”, without the quotes and your machine will run your QBASIC window.

qbasic download for windows 8

Here is a list of options that you can type to start your specific version of the QBASIC program.

  1. To run QBasic 1.1 (Interpreter only): Type in: “qbasic” (always without quotes) and Enter
  2. To run QuickBasic 4.5 (Compiler): Type in: “cd qb45” and Enter and then “qb”
  3. To run Quickbasic Extended 7.1 PDS (QBX) also known as Professional Development System: Type “cd qbx\bin” Enter and then “qbx”
  4. To run Visual Basic for DOS: Type “cd vbdos” – Enter and then “vbdos” -Enter

Now, if you have downloaded and installed QBasic properly in your windows machine, then next learn about some Basic QBASIC commands to start writing your first Qbasic Program.

UPDATE : You can also install QBasic 4.5 in your modern operating system without using any BoxEmulator and VMware, check the Best way to download Qbasic (QB64) in Windows 7 & 10(32&64 bit)


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